Exciting update! GreenLight now offers a new service opportunity: GreenLight Bootcamp. Our Student-Led Projects’ timelines typically last 1 semester. GreenLight Bootcamp is a short term, high impact project that allows businesses to  help our Project Partners achieve their sustainability goals. Led by student Solutioneers, with hands-on support from GreenLight Solutions Foundation team, this project utilizes our 6-phase GreenLight GuideLines project process in a condensed time frame covered in 8 workshops.

During this past summer, GreenLight had the opportunity to partner with ASU Global Launch to host our first ever GreenLight Bootcamp with 3 Japanese students from Nanzan University. Our Bootcamp Project Partner was AZ StRUT, a local electronics recycling and refurbishing company.

AZ StRUT came to GreenLight with the challenges of (1) the discovery of partnerships with other recycling companies that have methods to recycle mixed printer plastics, (2) research of the technologies to separate printer components on-site, and (3) how to engage more rural communities in electronics recycling. The students researched various plastic recycling companies, plastic shredders, & community educational outreach programs to increase AZ StRUT’s capacity both locally and rurally. 

By using GreenLight’s Bootcamp format, the students completed their GreenLight GuideLines and deliverables in only 8 workshops! The project covered research into printer plastics and rural communities, tours of recycling facilities, application of the Sustainable Development Goals, tracking and measuring of goals, and final presentation with solutions.  We were so impressed with the team’s work ethic and their ability to successfully complete the GreenLight Guidelines together. , leading the team to productive project results. 

We thank Nanzan University for partnering with us this summer, and we look forward to connecting with them again in 2020. We are excited to be facilitating more Bootcamps in the near future, and are now taking . If you know a business that would like a team of passionate, innovative GreenLight students and staff to solve one of their sustainability challenges in a short project format – please reach out!


Written by Chloe Robertson, Internal Development Intern, and Ashley Weisman, Program Development Director



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