The GreenLight Solutions Team is excited to welcome Maxwell Scott to our Board of Directors.

Max Scott

Maxwell Scott is a skilled public affairs professional with experience leading multimillion-dollar global policy initiatives and a proven track record of advancing U.S. economic priorities overseas. Previous to working in government, Max advised Fortune 50 technology companies on global marketing campaigns, content strategy, and new product launch programs as a management consultant. Max brings a unique understanding of how to grow a global movement, develop comprehensive communications strategies, and effectively message the importance of sustainability solutions and education internationally. 

Maxwell double majored in Political Science and Sustainability and International Development at Arizona State University from the years of 2009-2012. After receiving 2 undergraduate degrees in 4 years, he decided he liked school too much to stop there. He got his Masters of Science in International Relations degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science after just 1 year. 

Max started his career as the President of the world’s first Sustainability Honor Society. After that, he started working as a Management Strategy Consultant at Cognoscere Consulting for a year. Later, he joined another consulting organization called Grant Thornton, formerly called ARRYVE, which is a Business Consulting Firm based in the Greater Seattle Area. After almost 2 years at Grant Thornton, he worked as a Digital Trade Analyst for six months in Washington D.C. After that, he joined the US Embassy as a Digital Economy/Cyber Policy Officer in Prague where he worked in developing and implementing the first-ever U.S. – Czech Republic cyber and digital economy engagement strategy. Currently, he is working as the Foreign Affairs Officer at the US Department of State in Washington D.C.  

Max is passionate about entrepreneurship and shaping the future of our world through the responsible use of technologies and advancing the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. With that thought, he joined Greenlight Solutions as a part of the Board of Directors in June of 2021. 

Strategic Goals:

Max is looking forward to using his experience and skills for Greenlight Solutions to make it successful and sustainable. He contributes to the 2021 Strategic Goals by submitting grants & partnerships with sponsors, Professional Program Evaluation and Development, expanding organizational capacity and outreach, and enhancing the online presence. He is working alongside others to raise $4,000 in sponsorships and determine optimal revenue sources from programs for 1, 3, & 5 years, using Lean Launch and/or other methods. Max is a Skilled diplomat and Public Policy Officer who can bring great strategic success to the Greenlight Solutions Foundation with his passion and dedication.


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