The GreenLight Solutions Team is excited to welcome Masrur Huq to our Board of Directors. 

Masrur Huq

Masrur Huq is an entrepreneur with a passion for the outdoors. He loves to hike, kayak, and take photos on his adventures. What he loves most about being outside is that it always feels like a new experience, no matter how many times you visit the same place or hike the same trail.

Masrur graduated in 2010 with a degree in Business and Sociology from Arizona State University. After his schooling he went on to begin his career as Team Lead at T-Mobile where he spent just over 2 and a half years. After that, he worked as a Tax Preparer at TaxQue for two years and then he changed his focus to business development at Certified Rent which focuses on streamlining the process of apartment hunting for both residents as well as property managers that are looking to fill vacancies in a cost effective manner. Later he joined as Retail Sales Manager at AT&T where he stayed for just over 5 years. After this, he finally took a step into his Real Estate investing career and co-founded Vig Home Investments. This jump started his passion for Real Estate and led him to co-found and also become the COO of CAAZ Consulting, a software development consulting company. Vig Home Investments and CAAZ Consulting sound unrelated, but these two experiences together, ultimately led Masrur to co-found Dynamic.RE, a Real Estate firm that is technology driven. Apart from all of these, Masrur also has a great interest in photography and has been continuously working as a photographer since 2015. 

Masrur is passionate about Real Estate, technology, and sustainability and plans to utilize his experience and skills to make a positive impact for Greenlight Solutions Foundation. He is a revolutionary leader who believes that by using big data in a resilient system, profitability can be achieved easily. Masrur is always looking for ways to make the world a better place with sustainability, technology and profitability in mind.

Strategic Goals:

Masrur would love to use his knowledge and experience with business and technology for the benefit of sustainability. He has contributed to the GreenLight Solutions 2021 Strategic Goals in many ways, which include developing and launching processes for the F.U.N. Committee, expanding Greenlight Glow memberships, assistance in Student Chapter development, and Professional Program Evaluation and Development by determining optimal revenue sources from programs for 1, 3, & 5 years, using Lean Launch or other methods. Moreover, Masrur works to expand organizational capacity and works toward grant submissions and partnerships with sponsors. This year he is helping the Greenlight Solutions team with our goals of submitting 12 grants and requesting a minimum of $100,000. Furthermore, he executes fundraising campaigns with other team members by activating and promoting GreenLight Marketplace. 


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