Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to stop at your reusable water bottle or your tote for groceries. Our homes are filled with products that are harmful to the environment in some way. Sometimes harmful chemicals are commonplace in large scale production of material goods. In addition, single use products create a lot of junk in the environment when compared to other types of products. The good news is there are many companies working on sustainable alternatives to the typical products we see on the shelves. Here is a list of everyday sustainable products you can include in your eco-friendly lifestyle:

Bamboo toothbrush with detachable heads

It’s time to upgrade that plastic toothbrush to one made from renewable resources. Bite uses Moso bamboo for the handle, and castor beans for the bristles making it a 100% plant-based toothbrush. They have detachable heads, so you do not have to buy a whole new brush! You can get a bite of one for only $12.

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Reusable Produce Storage Bags

Forget putting your produce in single-use plastic bags. Let me introduce you to these reusable polyester mesh baggies. Puriyou offers their bags in a variety of sizes perfect for your teeny tiny tomatoes or giant zucchinis. They also have different color tabs so you can color-coordinate your bag with your fruit if you want since it’s all about the aesthetic. You can get a mixed set of 9 baggies for $14.97.

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Rechargeable batteries

No more ditching dead batteries with these battery charging cases. The chemicals used in making batteries leak into the ground when thrown out and damage our planet. With these rechargeable batteries, you can stop buying batteries just to toss them in the trash after one use. You just put the batteries in the charging case, and they are good as new! Get them from Amazon for $13.49.

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Reusable Coffee Pods

We all love the convenience of the Keurig and Nespresso coffee makers, but we do not love the single-use plastic K-cups. With these reusable k-cups, you can put any type of coffee grind you want, saving you money while saving the environment. Plus, FROZ has these super cute purple pods with dolphins on them! Get these from Amazon for only $8.

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Sustainable Footwear

AllBirds is an apparel company that is totally eco-chic. They use sustainable practices from manufacturing to distribution. Not only does AllBirds have many types of shoes such as running, slip-ons, high tops, flats and more but they also have clothing and accessories. AllBirds recently announced that in December they are releasing their newest shoe made from plant leather!

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Natural Cleaning Products

From Laundry detergent to your body wash– they are filled with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Luckily, there are now cleaning products that use vegetable oil bases instead of the yucky ingredients in typical soaps. Dr. Bronner’s is one of these planet-friendly soap companies that have all-in-one products. Ever heard of a soap that can wash your hands, hair, body, face, counters, pets, laundry, windows, dishes, floors, and honestly, anything you can think of that needs to be cleaned? Well, now you have. You’re welcome! They also offer their soaps in many scrumptious scents so you can smell like a peppermint patty or a lavender flower. You can get their multi-use 16-ounce soap for $11.29.

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Low Flow Shower Head

Save money and save water with this low flow shower head. These shower heads optimize how the water droplets release by using atomizing nozzle technology. This allows for less water to be used therefore saving you money and preserving the world’s water supply.

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Sustainable Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is Mother Nature approved. The startup, “Who Gives a Crap”, makes toilet paper from bamboo as well as recycled materials and it is bum-friendly. A part of their proceeds goes to helping build toilets around the world. They also have tissues and paper towels as well. You can get 24 rolls for $34 from their website.

Check it out here!

Next time you run out of any of these everyday items, I encourage you to try the green version of your usual brand. I have listed only a few of the many eco-conscious companies out there making phenomenal sustainable products but there’s a ton more. Let’s lessen our carbon footprint one wipe at a time.

Written by: Peyton Flint

I am a senior at Arizona State University studying business sustainability. It is my first semester as a solutioneer with GreenLight Solutions and I was a part of the FOR Energy team. I am passionate about making a positive impact on our Earth in any way I can help it heal and flourish.

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