As a project for the fall 2021 semester, our team partnered with Daniel Velez and his company Growly Delivers. Our team is composed of Project Lead Elnur Aliyev and Solutioneer Veronica Chen. Growly Delivers is an e-commerce company that sells alcohol and other non-alcoholic beverages online. Because Growly Delivers operates online, they offer a sustainable business model through the use of sustainable containers.

To further their social sustainability efforts, the company sought to give back to local organizations, specifically those who also support sustainability. “Buy Me a Growler” is their new program in which customers are able to donate part of their purchase to the cause. GreenLight Solutions and Growly Delivers partnered to bring this new program to reality. The GreenLight Solutions team was presented with the challenges of reaching out to more potential customers, researching local sustainable organizations, as well as creating partnerships with those organizations. 

GreenLight Solutions’ mission was to implement an effective decision-making framework for partnering with local organizations and create clear marketing strategies to raise brand awareness. The team’s first objective was to develop and implement a decision-making framework for local partnerships. This objective’s outcomes were 24 local organizations identified, 14 organizations contacted, and 4 organizations onboarded. Now, features NourishPhx, Girls Pint Out, Tap That AZ, and GreenLight Solutions. Our second objective was to support our Project Partner in creating a press release to raise brand awareness. The team reached this goal too as they created 1 draft press release announcing the launch of the Buy Me a Growler initiative.   Growly Delivers

The team said that when they started the project, they had a vision of helping Growly Delivers achieve a larger positive social, environmental, and economic impact through a broadened customer base and local partnership. Elnur stated the team accomplished their mission for the project, and also impacted the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 12, responsible consumption and production, and SDG 17, partnerships for the goals. Elnur stated “the organization we partnered with was also a sustainability-focused organization! While we were presented with challenges in this project, we were ultimately successful in helping to build Growly Delivers and support the community.”


Written by: Juliana Veldhuizen


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