Everyday is Earth Day for students & professionals passionate about sustainability! April is often referred to as “Earth Month,” and it is the time of year when the sustainability community has the opportunity to share our passion with the rest of the working world. April is the month to inspire others to take action to improve our communities and ultimately make our world a healthier, equitable, and more resilient place for all. This is exactly what GreenLight did during our action-packed Earth Month…


E.A.R.T.H Forward Event with Maricopa Community Colleges

In preparation for Earth Month, Maricopa Community Colleges held their annual E.A.R.T.H. Forward Summit on Friday, March 29th, which is an event for students, employees, and the greater community who are interested in taking action toward a more sustainable future through Education, Adaptation, Resilience, and Technology for all of Humanity. We’re pleased to share that we had more than 25 students & staff across multiple MCC campuses sign up to learn more and work with GreenLight! We are currently in discussions about bringing new GreenLight chapters to Mesa Community College, South Mountain Community College, & others. If you would like to learn more about these new chapters or get involved, please email [email protected]


GreenLight Live On-Air with Phoenix Business Radio X!

Ashley Weisman & Ryan Mores had the honor of representing GreenLight Solutions on Phoenix Business Radio X along with Green Living Magazine and Jupiter Rings Buffalo Sauce on April 11th. We had the opportunity to share our story, highlight some of our sustainability projects, and talk about our involvement in the Simple Solutions Summit on Earth Day! We’d like to send a special shout-out & thank you to Dan Liguori & Dorie Morales with Green Living Magazine for the invitation, to Jason Higgins with Jupiter Rings Buffalo Sauce, and of course to Karen Nowicki for being such a gracious host!

You can listen to the full 57 minute audio here (link: http://bit.ly/GLSF_PBRX).


GreenLight at Santa Clara University

We’re excited to share that we are discussing opening a new chapter at Santa Clara University in the Bay Area! Ryan Mores had the opportunity to visit SCU’s campus on April 12th and meet with a few interested students to get the ball rolling. We’ve since shared our chapter start up resources and we’ve been in dialogue with some staff at SCU’s Center for Sustainability to find a faculty adviser. We’re planning to officially launch this new chapter in the fall of this year. If you know of any local businesses in the SCU area interested in completing a sustainability project with GreenLight, please connect them with us! Stay tuned for updates! 


Runner-Up in Eco Tank Pitch Competition

Have you ever heard of the hit TV show Shark Tank? Well meet Eco Tank – the pitch competition for eco-minded startups! Ashley & Ryan gave a three minute pitch and answered questions from a panel of judges – and we’re thrilled to share that we were awarded runner-up! There were so many good companies that shared their story, and we wish each of them continued success. We met so many great people and we’re grateful for the opportunity to join the Simple Solutions Summit. Shoutout to Green Living Magazine and Keep Phoenix Beautiful for coordinating such a fun Earth Day event!


Solutioneer Showcase Success

It wouldn’t be Earth Month without our signature event – the Solutioneer Showcase! Students, faculty, & the community came together on April 25th to hear our Solutioneers present on their sustainability projects and celebrate our impact. Our keynote speak, Rob Jackson of the Cosanti Foundation, said “we need sustainable solutions more than we ever have before. We have to get out of our comfort zone…because you are the generation that’s going to bring change forward. You are the future!” Join us for our next Solutioneer Showcase this fall.

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