I joined GreenLight Solutions for the same reason I decided to major in sustainability, because I wanted to work towards a good cause while developing myself professionally. I learned a lot about working with other people, working with clients, managing projects, and managing budgets. Everything I hoped to gain out of my college experience came from GreenLight: my professional development, the ability to present myself, new friends, and new experiences. Nearly 3 months after graduating ASU, I was able to land my highest paying job yet with Trileaf, an environmental consulting firm. My job duties include, but are not limited to, conducting site inspections and writing assessment reports. GreenLight Solutions was my primary talking point during my job interview with Trileaf, because serving GreenLight for almost 2 years helped me qualify for my current job. Without GreenLight I would have been so lost in my job search after graduating. Joining GreenLight was easily the best decision I made during my time at ASU.


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