Our GreenLight GuideLines 6-phase project process starts with these lines: “Like so many things in life, you get out of GreenLight what you put into it. The more you treat this like your dream job, the more likely it is to evolve into that very job for you after graduation! We are proud to say that many Solutioneers have landed internships and careers out of their GreenLight projects.” This couldn’t be more true for one of the most recent GreenLight graduates, Ashlee Taylor

Ashlee TaylorAshlee officially graduated from Arizona State University in Spring 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Minor in Sustainability. After two successful projects with Solar United Neighbors (Spring 2020) and Shape Up US (Fall 2020), she partnered with Dynamic.RE as a Project Lead where she and her team researched and collected resources to inform and promote more sustainable real estate investing. Ashlee went on to land a job with Dynamic.RE as a Market Associate and she is currently working collaboratively with employers to develop marketing materials for various campaigns and projects. The Project Partner, Masrur Huq, ended up becoming a GLSF Board Member shortly after the project in June 2021 as well (see him on our Team Page). The Dynamic project continues in Fall 2021 in phase 2.

Ashlee’s experience with GreenLight has been rewarding and rich. Besides connecting her to her current employer, Ashlee shared with us that her GreenLight projects allowed her to gain valuable knowledge and experience such as creating content for target audiences, learning how to be agile in project development during the pandemic, best practices for educating on sustainability, invaluable leadership skills, working within a tight timeline, and learning how to create actionable resources that can now be a force for change within the real estate industry among many.

Her favorite part about GreenLight is that students get the opportunity to make a real difference, gain experience with client work, and create a more sustainable future at the end of the day with all their efforts. Throughout her undergraduate degree experience, she knew that she wanted to be more involved with sustainability beyond just learning about it in a classroom. Ashlee stated, “Greenlight allowed me to be a part of something bigger. I was able to meet incredible people with infectious energy and a desire to change the world, it was really inspiring to be a part of.”

Today, working with Dynamic.RE, a typical day for Ashlee involves lots of communication, with teammates (such as Masrur Huq and Emily Key) and partners, meeting deadlines, and yields very rewarding outcomes. These are things that she is engaged with at GreenLight as well. To Ashlee, extensive teamwork and professionalism at GreenLight is always complemented by how exciting it is to be a part of the organization and team. 

Ashlee recommends any sustainability-loving student/potential project partner to join GreenLight because for students, it may be one of the most rewarding things they are able to be a part of throughout their college career. She states, “love the people, love the opportunity they’re offering, lots of room for growing and learning, couldn’t thank them enough for what they do.” 


Written by: Elnur Aliyev

A Sustainable Development Management master student at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences with professional experience in an international humanitarian organization as sustainable water management advocate in conflict-affected contexts. Keen to make a difference in fields of impact evaluation, development project management, corporate sustainability/social responsibility and development field in general.


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