One of the recurring themes in sustainability best practices is that cross-sectoral, and cross-disciplinary, collaboration is key. Whether it’s across industries, departments, or job functions, from local to global scale, we all need to work together to advance the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Co-creation of sustainability solutions by engaging the community and those affected by related problems is another best practice in this space. You often hear, “You can’t do it alone. It takes a village”, and this couldn’t be more true for sustainability.


The new partnership between GreenLight Solutions Foundation and InfoSol, Inc., is a perfect example of cross-collaboration.



InfoSol is passionate about Business Intelligence. InfoSol, Inc is a high-caliber data solutions company based in Arizona. Since 1997 they have been designing, creating, and delivering effective solutions and applications that make a difference in people’s lives. They work with organizations of all types including private sector, public sector, for profit, and not for profit to help them see beyond the data to solve real world challenges.


GreenLight Solutions Foundation is an educational 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to educate and empower students and business leaders to create positive social, environmental, and economic change through sustainability initiatives. Our organization trains the next generation of sustainability professionals, and makes sustainability inclusive to the local business community. We go past advocacy, and into the implementation of sustainability solutions, through Student-Led Sustainability Projects, Sustainability Seminars, and more. To learn more about our work, read our 2020 Annual Report. 


How are we collaborating? 


This year, we are collaborating on a fundraising campaign, a sustainability reporting dashboard, and a keynote speaker opportunity.


This past AZ Gives Day was a huge success for GreenLight, as our team raised over $6,900 to support our Student-Led Projects. Big thanks to InfoSol for being our matching gift partner, matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $3,000. Team GreenLight is grateful for the support of InfoSol, and our incredible F.U.N. Committee for leading the campaign. These funds will be used to invest in the development of our Student-Led Projects to reap greater impacts in the community. Together we’re helping to move the needle on sustainability with local businesses. In fact, we’re very proud to announce that every $1 donated to GreenLight translates into $3 in community impact.



When our collaboration with InfoSol started, they made it very clear that they did not just want to contribute in dollars. After some great exploratory conversations, we learned that our organizations align in our values: provide a healthy planet for future generations. We learned that InfoSol does some awesome work in sustainability, both internally and externally with their clients. Yolande Grill, COO at InfoSol said it best, “You bring the sustainability expertise, and we bring the data expertise”. With this in mind, we are working together to bring a new dashboard to our clients. The interactive dashboard will track sustainability impact in categories such as water, waste, energy, procurement, employee engagement, transportation and more. In order to change something you must begin by measuring it. This data can be used for reporting, to identify trends, improve performance, and forecast projections. Shout out to the InfoSol team, Eliseo Camilon and Taylor Packwood, Full Stack Developers & Business Intelligence Consultants; Paul Grill, CEO; and Yolande for their vision and leadership to bring this dashboard to GreenLight’s business community.


Last, but certainly not least, GreenLight’s Executive Director,
Ashley Weisman, and Co-Founder & Operations Director, Ryan Mores will be speaking at the IBIS 2021 conference, the best BusinessObjects Education and Knowledge Exchange Conference of the Year. IBIS is an annual event that showcases some of the best BI solutions and applications and provides hands-on training in SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau and other tools. Sustainability will be highlighted on the main stage this year to bring awareness and to move the needle. 


To be the first to know when this dashboard hits the market, sign up to receive the GreenLight Globe newsletter – so your business can get your hands on this innovative tool. Our team is grateful to InfoSol for the co-creation of this dynamic dashboard. Cheers to fulfilling GreenLight’s vision of, “A world where purpose-driven leaders create a resilient and equitable future for people and planet”, through making a measurable impact together for years to come. 



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Ryan Mores

Operations Director, GreenLight Solutions Foundation

  • Ryan Mores has been with GreenLight since the first semester on campus and has been fortunate to support its development ever since. He serves as Vice Chair on the Tempe Sustainability Commission, and works at ASU’s School of Sustainability. He earned concurrent degrees in Business Sustainability & Supply Chain Management, as well as an International Business Certificate, from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Ryan is passionate about sustainability education, social equity, and exploring the great outdoors.


Ashley Weisman

  • At ASU University Sustainability Practices, Ashley served as the Sustainability Certification Program Coordinator where she facilitated sustainability trainings for 300+ staff, and led the development, outreach, and implementation of the program. The program was awarded the ASU Outstanding Educational Program award.

Ashley earned her Master of Sustainability Solutions degree at Arizona State University. For her graduate thesis, she led a local business from Bronze to Platinum certification in three months, interviewed 16 national certification practitioners, and published her findings based on her experience and research, including a guidebook for certification practitioners.

Ashley currently serves as the Executive Director of GreenLight Solutions Foundation. During her time with GreenLight, both as a staff and student, she has served as Program Development Director, Internal Development Intern, VP of Projects, and Solutioneer. Ashley is passionate about sustainability in business and K-12 curriculum, in addition to carbon sequestration projects.


Yolande Grill

    • Chief Operations Officer, InfoSol

Yolande Grill has over 30 years of experience working in the Information Technology and Computer Industry. She is an entrepreneur and currently the COO of InfoSol Inc. – a Worldwide Business Intelligence Solutions Provider. Yolande emphasizes that, “I see my role in Operations as one of Co-leadership with our CEO, where I am true to my purpose of working towards World Peace, and doing that by focusing on measuring what counts and by creating a workplace culture that is worthy of our children.