Evolution is nature’s way; all things must evolve or die out, and such is the way of life. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, for in some ways we are all resistant to change – especially when things seem to be going well – and yet we must all change or we will miss opportunities to improve. In this spirit of embracing evolution, I am excited for the challenges and opportunities that come with announcing to you that I have resigned as Executive Director of GreenLight Solutions Foundation. I remain in my role as Chairman of the Board and see myself in this role for the foreseeable future. This change will certainly come with challenges, and yet it will also come with great opportunities for us to each grow as individuals and for GreenLight to grow as an organization.

Please feel free to read my Letter of Resignation I submitted to the Board of Directors, as I believe it conveys my message and vision for the future well.  It is with great honor and pride that I also announce that GreenLight Solutions Foundation has selected Ashley Weisman as our new Executive Director! Ashley is formerly our Program Development Director and has worn many hats for GreenLight in her years with us. I am looking forward to seeing GreenLight blossom under her leadership and request you help me celebrate her appointment at our next GreenLight Community Mixer on Thursday, 9/24 at 7:00pm on zoom. Please read on to hear her words of inspiration for her vision for our next steps on the path of growth and sustainability for GreenLight.



Here is a fun fact: GreenLight Solutions was Kevin’s Undergraduate Honors Thesis! ? This organization would not be what it is today, nor exist, without him (plus our other co-founders and hundreds of passionate Solutioneers who have contributed to our development).

I look forward to continuing to work closely with Kevin, while witnessing and supporting his achievements as Chairman of the Board. I, too, started my GreenLight journey as a Solutioneer working on a Student-Led Project as an undergrad. Since then, I have held the positions of VP of Projects at the ASU Student Chapter, and then Internal Development Intern and Program Development Director for the Foundation. I am pleased to have the unanimous support of the Board of Directors to lead our organization into its next phase of growth as we enter this defining decade for sustainable development.

Not only am I deeply honored to be GreenLight’s Executive Director, but I take full responsibility to each of our stakeholders to spend every day wholeheartedly fulfilling our mission: to educate and empower students and business leaders to create positive social, environmental, and economic change through sustainability initiatives. As the West Coast burns and the East Coast floods, I also take deep responsibility to them, and our brothers and sisters worldwide who are affected by climate change. We are all here for the same reason – to propel our sustainability movement forward and to make lasting positive impacts. I am here to empower you and bring this organization to its fullest potential.

I call on each of you reading this to catalyze human synergy and commit each of your strengths to our shared vision of a healthy and equitable planet. I call on you to realize your fullest potential in what you can bring to this movement to reach our goals in Social Equity, Environmental Protection, and Economic Prosperity. It’s a bright future ahead, with great things in store in our next stages of development. Our mission is urgent, needed, and will create a better quality of life for all. We have come so far thanks to Kevin and the rest of the GreenLight family who have co-created our movement, and we’re just getting started. Cheers to the next chapter!




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