GreenLight Solutions has been an inclusive and diverse community of changemakers from our inception in 2013. Our community includes people from many varied backgrounds and cultures, and we know that our diversity makes us stronger.

The recent protests and riots that have been occurring in the past week are unfortunately nothing new, and they are a response to a system that has left millions of people marginalized and unfairly treated. As a sustainability-focused organization, these recent events bring our attention to the second pillar of sustainability: social equity. For us, social equity is about equality for all members of society, equal justice under the law, and fairness through policies, institutions, and communities at large. As sustainability professionals, it is our duty to work towards achieving balance between all three pillars (environmental stewardship, social equity, & economic development) through our work and through our daily lives.

Our team believes we must treat each other with equality and respect; we believe that true ‘sustainability’ can only be achieved if all people everywhere are treated equally; and we believe that black lives matter. GreenLight Solutions stands in solidarity with the BIPOC community, and we do not tolerate racism, bigotry, or any other forms of hate.

To understand part of why racial violence is perpetuated by some police and what we can do to change it, watch this video (viewer discretion advised).

In solidarity,
GreenLight Solutions Foundation Board of Directors



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