Project Description

Utopia Smart City: Sustainable Sourcing Strategy


Fall 2020

GreenLight has helped me learn about the trials and tribulations involved in making the world more sustainable. Specifically, sustainability in the business world can mean many things, so each project should strives to help define business sustainability for the given Project Partner.”Kyle McCormick, Solutioneer, Sustainable Sourcing Strategy Project Team

The GreenLight project team helped Utopia Smart City to research how and where to source sustainable building materials and shipping containers that would be used throughout the city infrastructure.

Project Lead
Meghan Marshall

Project Team
Julia Aumann, Jackie Liang, Kyle McCormick, Jacob Stillwell 

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Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

Utopia Smart City: Sustainable Sourcing Strategy Green Paper
Sustainable Sourcing Strategy Fall 2020 Green Paper


Building Structure Materials (2)
Pros and Cons of Shipping Containers, Cardboard, and Stucco (3)