Project Description

Valley Metro

Fall 2020

“GreenLight Solutions was a pleasure to work with! Thank you GreenLight Solutions for helping our organization understand the impacts of climate change on our infrastructure.”Mackenzie McGuffie, Sustainability Coordinator, Valley Metro

“I loved it from the beginning. I have to say that I am aware that this was not a normal semester and that we all had to come with what we had and switch everything online. This made the experience even more different. The opportunity for the community to engage given by the GreenLight team and staff was always present and I believe it had a great impact.”Samantha Esparza, Solutioneer, Valley Metro Project Team

“GreenLight Solutions is a one-of-a-kind club that gives students the opportunity to learn real-world sustainability consulting skills. By working closely with student and community partners, students learn valuable project-management skills that will be critical as we enter the job market. I highly recommend getting involved with GreenLight Solutions!”Sydney Millerwise, Project Lead, Valley Metro Project Team

“GreenLight has been such a value add to my college experience—even as a junior. This is my first semester in the organization, and my Project Team and interactions with leadership have been stellar. I’ve been looking for ways to get involved with ‘green’ organizations on campus as a business sustainability major, and GreenLight has hands down been what I’ve been looking for. GreenLight Solutions is a great opportunity for students to expand their business skills and work on real-world solutions beyond the classroom. I was skeptical of its usefulness to me as a junior with respect to recruiting for internships, but I’ve used my work in GreenLight for behavioral interviews that contributed to getting offers.” –Michael Nelson, Solutioneer,  Valley Metro Project Team


After 3 semesters working with Valley Metro, this semester’s GreenLight team created two memos that served two different, but similar purposes: to identify which existing light rail stops were in most need of shade retrofitting, and to re-inform Valley Metro of its urban design best practices regarding shade for future light rail projects.

Project Leads
Miranda Delgado | Sydney Millerwise

Project Team
Anh Giang | Erin Epel | Michael Nelson | Samantha Esparza

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Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

Valley Metro Green Paper
Valley Metro Fall 2020 Green Paper