As the global population increases, there’s been an up-and-coming challenge about the methods to create housing developments without severe economic, social, and environmental consequences. As a pioneer in the field of sustainable societies, Utopia Smart City is developing a sustainable community that provides affordable housing while being environmentally conscious. This team of GreenLight Solutioneers collaborated with the mixed-use, occupant-owned, self-sustaining community in order to find and source sustainable building materials for their infrastructure. 

In an effort to convey what economic, social, and environmental sustainability looks like within the context of modern society, sustainability and innovation are key components to consider when sourcing building materials. Throughout the material selection process, the Project Team also took mobility, cost efficiency, environmental impact, and lifespan into consideration to ensure the materials meet their values as a community. 

After research, analysis, and reflection, our Project Team researched six building materials for Utopia Smart Cities. Within the chosen materials, the team decided that shipping containers, cardboard, and stucco were the materials that aligned with Utopia Smart Cities’ values and expectations. The team created a pros and cons list for the final materials, as shown below, and look forward to collaborating with Utopia Smart Cities in the future. 

Building Structure Materials (2)
Pros and Cons of Shipping Containers, Cardboard, and Stucco (3)



Written by Meghan Marshall
Project Team: Julia Aumann, Jackie Liang, Kyle McCormick, Jacob Stillwell


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