Shape Up US is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that strives to build a healthier future for all children by providing the knowledge and hands-on experience that will shape their lives. With a focus on health and wellness, Shape Up US creates and implements comprehensive education to compliment with existing K-8 curriculum. Their education connects the entire community to create a circle of positive, healthy lifestyles.

Shape Up US came to GreenLight with an exciting request: they needed a workbook to teach families how to live an environmentally-conscious lifestyle at home. Shape Up US provides workbooks for children that educate about plant-based living, but Shape Up US needed a workbook that could educate families about how to have a sustainable household.

To create this workbook, our team researched the best practices for sustainability education, both for children and adults. Our next step was to decide on seven subjects to include in the workbook. Our seven categories included reducing, reusing, and recycling; kitchen, bathroom, bedroom & living room, and backyard & community. Our team divided and conquered to create the rough draft of the workbook. After gaining feedback and approval from our Project Partner, Jyl Steinback, we finalized the workbook and shared our ideas with a graphic designer, who designed the illustrations for the workbook.

The workbook, seen above, can be found on the Shape Up US website for purchase as an e-book or a hard copy. 

Use code ‘GREENLIGHT’ at check-out to support GreenLight Solutions! 


  • $10.00/workbook

Wholesale costs:

  • 500 books 50% off is $2,500 – $5.00/workbook
  • 1000 books 55% off is $4,500 – $4.50/workbook
  • 5,000 books 60% off is $20,000 – $4.00/workbook
  • 10,000 books 65% off is $35,000 – $3.50/workbook
  • 20,000 books 70% off is $60,000 – $3.00/workbook
  • 50,000 books 80% off is $100,000 – $2.00/workbook

Our Project Partner was able to broaden their education curriculum to teach how to implement sustainability practices in the home. The workbook is important for the future of our planet because learning begins at home. Teaching sustainability education to children, by starting with actionable lessons they can do at home, is crucial to environmentally-conscious human beings. It’s more difficult to undo bad habits in adults, and it’s easier to start good habits in children. Often, children teach their parents to be more sustainable. It was an honor to work with Shape Up US and create something that can make a difference in the lives of families throughout the country.

We are grateful to be a part of GreenLight Solutions and for all of the opportunities we have experienced through being GreenLight Solutioneers. Being part of such a progressive, sustainability-focused organization is extremely rewarding, as it has helped us build both professional and personal skills, all while allowing us to make a difference in the world around us. Thank you GreenLight & Shape Up US!


Written by Rachel Antidormi
Project Team: Andrea Castro | Alessandra Flores | Kate Hartland | Iona Isachsen | Ashlee Taylor


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