Solar Thermix is an innovative company that is revolutionizing the heating/cooling industry and building efficient retrofits for water conservation. They provide sustainable technologies that minimize the amount of electricity required to run your home or business. Not only do they reduce energy use, they can provide immediate monetary savings to customers. By reducing the amount of electricity or water a home, business, or farm needs to operate, it allows customers to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, while also promoting sustainable and clean alternative energy technologies.

Their product portfolio is comprised of a solar air heater, phase change materials and water descaling components which are functionally directed towards minimization of fossil fuel reliance. Solar Air-Heat generation is a concept developed by Solar Thermix. It uses the sun’s direct irradiation in order to heat the cold air. Each unit allows for the migration of a ton of carbon per year and has the capacity to heat 1,000 sq. ft. AirFlow is derived from a fan which can be powered by a solar or from traditional AC transformers. The estimated payback time for this product is three years.

Solar Thermix is partnering with Infinite R to develop a thermal energy battery. The design uses a phase change material to absorb or release latent heat. These materials readily change states from freezing to melting points as the temperature alters. As a result, the materials leverage the latent heat in the room as a metric to decrease the amount of temperature variability in the room. Lower variability requires less energy to reach a comfortable temperature.

FRE-FLO mitigates the effects of calcium carbonate scaling. The equipment converts the calcium into a softer crystalline structure. This benefits the overall water quality, enables water to seep into the ground and thereby prevents losses due to evaporation.

The Greenlight team’s vision for this project is to build an extensive B2B network for Solar Thermix, increase and improve their social media presence and develop a strong learning management system for potential hires. This is a great opportunity for all the changemakers to get engaged and be proactive towards mitigating climate change by making buildings energy efficient, putting a stop to those soaring electricity bills and taking a step towards a sustainable future in our own ways!


Written by Siddharth Mazumdar and the GreenLight Solutions Project Team



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