The 2Courtiers is a company that creates “conscious culture” musical festivals. They promote a safe, fun environment for creativity that helps people expand their minds and consciousness. By partnering with 2Courtiers, GreenLight Solutions hopes to make these musical festivals not only a positive experience for the individuals who attend, but also a positive experience for the environment.

GreenLight Solutions is focused on four main areas of growth: education, waste, energy, and transportation. During the semester, we hope to improve upon these areas by engaging in a project within all four spheres. To educate musical attendees about sustainability, we plan to implement an interactive art piece that engages with the crowd and sparks up questions about what sustainability is and how they can help. To reduce waste among festival goers, we have proposed a reusable cup initiative. We will distribute reusable cups to the attendees and those who continue to use them throughout multiple festivals will be able to receive discounts on their drinks. To cut down on energy usage, we have partnered with another ASU organization, EPICS, to create a kinetic energy dance floor. As attendees dance on the floor, energy will be created and this energy will then be used to power the lights and DJ at the festival. In order to encourage car-sharing and public transportation to and from festivals, we will be holding raffles for those who engage in these practices.

If attendees use any of these modes of transportation and then post it on social media, they will be entered into a raffle for great prizes! We are very excited for everything we have planned this semester, and hope to bring increased sustainability to these events!


Written by Pashmi Mehta and the GreenLight Solutions Project Team



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