Project Description

TigerMountain Foundation
Spring 2016

Project Partner Testimonial
GreenLight Solutions puts forth a genuine effort to learn and collaborate on growing people and their environment.”
Darren Chapman, CEO, TigerMountain Foundation

TigerMountain Foundation is seeking to develop and publish a three-to-five page “Impact Report” demonstrating the organization’s measurable impacts in the communities in which it operates. The report will serve three primary purposes: to aid in TigerMountain Foundation’s grant applications, to provide a message to potential donors, and to drive internal improvements

Project Lead
Grant Cogell

Project Team
Aric Burks | Katelynn Calvelage | Joel Guy | Craig Johnson | Cameron Scott

Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

TigerMountain Foundation Green Paper
TigerMountain Foundation Spring 2016 GP