Project Description

Clean Air Cab

Fall 2014-Spring 2016

Solutioneers conducted surveys, business analysis, and market research for Clean Air Cab, then made recommendations on business development opportunities, marketing campaigns, and how to improve their internal and external sustainability communications.

Project Lead
Sharyn Tom | Saritha Ramakrishna | Jason Zeikowitz

Project Team
Madeleine Bertch | Rashi Bhatt | Jordan Rodriguez | Katelynn Calvelage | Grant Cogell | Shay King | Tim Dong | Vincicius Capelli de Melo | Weston Colby | Xingfang “Jubilee” Xie

Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

Clean Air Cab Green PaperClean Air Cab Fall 2014-Spring 2016 GP

A fun infographic the Project Team put together.