The Kaargo team’s goal is to create key metrics related to CO2 emissions in order for Kaargo to gain insight into the sustainable aspects of their business model. We will then use these metrics to create a multi-dimensional marketing strategy. This main framework of our marketing strategy is centered on creating a social media presence and grass-roots network. Our marketing strategy will help us pull in over 100 new users for Kaargo.

However, we also want to help Kaargo increase its network here at ASU and in the valley. We will do this through by helping Kaargo form business partnerships with companies like IKEA and U-haul. We also want Kaargo to form partnerships at ASU that will allow the company to give speeches and provide marketing materials at various events. The team will leverage our existing networks, research various case studies and use our marketing knowledge to achieve our goals.


Written by Ben Oaks, Kaargo Project Lead



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