Build Us H.O.P.E. is the outreach and development arm for Singleton Community Services. The founders have a history of advocacy on behalf of the homeless, disabled and mentally ill. They also have experience in providing housing and supportive services within this community. Grass-roots initiatives, such as Build Us H.O.P.E., are looking to create communities with a combination of private, corporate and government resources.

GreenLight Solutions proposes the following suggestions that allow their company to transcend traditional business practices to one that fits on a platform geared toward healthy, sustainable operation. By applying the GreenLight GuideLines project engagement process, GreenLight can advise Build Us H.O.P.E. on how to best adopt and implement sustainable practices, both internally and externally.  The specific tasks and actions related to adopting and implementing sustainability will be shaped to match Build Us H.O.P.E.’s vision, mission statement, and business model, but ultimately will be geared toward sustainable reform. The advice can include, but is not limited to:

  1. Strategic sustainability assessment of the organization’s operating processes

  2. Assessment of internal sustainability practices pertaining to materials, fundraising, and partners

  3. Material Analyst

    -Feasibility of materials evaluated by multiple matrices comparing cost, environmental impact, health, community, maintenance, time, energy, and other variables that will impact the sustainability of the project.

  4. Fundraising

    -Report of available fundraising avenues for Build Us H.O.P.E. to develop and sustain its objective

  5. Partners

    -Report of available partners for Build Us H.O.P.E. to network with for obtaining resources, marketing, and growth

  6. Sustainability branding and awareness

  7. Product/service sustainability assessment

  8. Identification of optimal first actions

It is our objective that through these measures, it will be possible to highlight opportunities to the organization that may make it possible to increase the performance in obtaining Build Us H.O.P.E.’s success of its objective, strategy, and vision.


Written by Sage Hanson and the GreenLight Solutions Project Team



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